31 Compliments to Give Yourself Everyday of the Month


Are you someone who easily compliments others with no expectations in return? Kinda rewarding to make people feel good and comfortable in their own skin right? While it’s nice to make family, friends or even strangers smile, you can’t neglect personal happiness either.

Complimenting others is an easy job for me; in fact, I used to do it too much. I mean well and every word is genuine but less is more. I never want my words to become meaningless to the receiver, which introduced a new revelation.

You have to be fearless in loving yourself.

Although it’s rewarding to make others feel good, I found it difficult to compliment myself because of my modesty. Being modest is a sweet characteristic but it does hold you back from reaching full potential. Excelling to life’s next level means I need self-awareness. Hmm…how do you become more confident in yourself? 🤔

JustNatonya 31 Self-love Affirmations to Give Yourself Everyday for One Month
What does self-love mean to you? (Sweater from H&M)

Confidence begins with personal appreciation by taking time to understand your heart and upgrading your way of thinking. Adopting what I like to call, a private selfish attitude. What is a private selfish attitude? It’s the mentality of being selfish by putting yourself first without overpowering others to prove your point. The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to tell anyone you’re being selfish. No verbal announcement to family and friends, just shift your way of thinking and start modifying your behavior.

She looks in the mirror and says ‘hello beautiful‘ 365 times a year.

Let me explain, a selfish attitude is only viewed negatively when bragging about your accomplishments to peers in a ‘put-down’ way to make yourself feel greater. We all can’t stand a bragger or a person who professes their achievements with the “in your face” attitude. While the “bragger” overdoes it, I’ll admit, sometimes we need to boast and applaud our accomplishments, just not to impress others but for ourselves…hence the private selfish attitude.

JustNatonya 31 Self-Love Daily Affirmations
Begin to fall in love with yourself everyday and watch the instant change in your life- JustNatonya

Selfishness is sometimes necessary as long as you’re not hurting people. Example, if you’re tired and your bestie asks you for a favor, don’t feel bad to say, “No.” They’ll respect you for taking time to take care of yourself. Plus, no one wants someone to do something for them without a cheerful heart. It’s hard to appreciate a good deed from a person when they have a bad attitude and sometimes that attitude may stem from one not feeling respected, which is why is essential to learn how to respect yourself even when others don’t. 

Getting involved with yourself through journaling is a nice way to filter out strengths and weaknesses. Check out these cute prompt notebooks from Amazon:

Another way I like to practice a private selfish attitude is through daily affirmations. Positive reminders keep me prepared for unplanned situations by restoring my faith. Faith in God about the way he made me pushes me towards living my best life. I know reaching those ultimate goals will happen with constant reminding of where I’m going in life and not mentally living in my circumstances.

Affirmations boost confidence, encourage happy moods and send positive vibes to uplift the spirit.

Can’t depend on others to encourage you. Don’t ignore the good qualities in yourself and don’t be afraid to flatter your successful moments. Start celebrating everything, even the small things. Applaud your achievements even if is something as simple as swapping out your cinnamon bun for a juicy red apple.

JustNatonya 31 Ways to Compliment Yourself Everyday for One Month
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So, I exercise affirmations by complimenting myself ever morning, afternoon and night. Understand, not everyone will give you a compliment, so why not do it yourself? The more I compliment myself, the closer I come to achieving my ultimate life goals.

Filling your mind with only positive thoughts will make life easier to fight off negativity faster and be more prepared for unpredictable difficulties. Here is a list of affirmations I created to tell yourself everyday in the mirror, I hope they resonate with you.

31 Self-Love Daily Affirmations

  1. Rejection is protection because it’s a detour to something better.
  2. My attitude is the foundation to the outcome of my day.
  3. A smile always slays a negative attitude.
  4. My vibes are a reflection to how I feel, guess what, I feel great!
  5. I am faithful in everything I do, even the little things.
  6. Today’s my day and no one will take that away from me.
  7. It’s gonna be a good one today.
  8. I tell myself everyday I can do anything because it’s true.
  9. No rush to get things done, I’ll get to it when I get to it.
  10. What time is it? Time for me to sit down and do nothing, no shame in relaxation.
  11. I don’t care I’m not like everyone else because I am extraordinary.
  12. Originality beats the rest.
  13. Opportunities will come my way.
  14. I’m not perfect yet but I’m pretty close today.
  15. I don’t live in regrets just life lessons learned.
  16. I can’t control your negativity but I will control my response.
  17. I’m a masterpiece, a beautiful work at it’s finest.
  18. I don’t have a problem being me and neither should anyone else.
  19. I believe in the best of things.
  20. Nothing’s stopping my flow today.
  21. I have the power to do anything I want.
  22. I’m doing my best and that will always be more than enough.
  23. My laugh is quirky but hey at least I’m laughing.
  24. It’s never to late to try again, so go for it!
  25. The only thing I HAVE TO DO today is smile.
  26. Not impossible but I’m possible.
  27. My circumstances don’t define me.
  28. Being me is easier than trying to be someone else.
  29. WOW! I look pretty amazing today.
  30. No more complaining, just more celebrating.
  31. Hello gorgeous you are going to accomplish cool things today.

How powerful would you feel waking up and speaking positive energy over your day before it begins? I bet you would feel amazing because I know I do. Nothing will harm you from giving yourself a little extra self love, so go for it! Take advantage of loving yourself in every kind of way.

Ladies, if you enjoy these affirmations, be sure to follow @sheiconic for more positive energy about being the best woman and raw in your own skin.

Which affirmation is you favorite? What things do you to boost your confidence?

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45 Comments Add yours

  1. Chocoviv says:

    Great reminder.


  2. julietlylillyrose says:

    I love these compliments. I also saw on pinterest to write an affirmation a week with lipstick on the mirror or just a sticky note for a daily reminder. Definitely need to add one of these to my list! I especially love this quote, ]
    You have to be fearless in loving yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      I really like the gesture of writing on the mirror with lipstick, so girly and powerful!


  3. Hey Natonya @varietytales here from twitter. Great post, it was simple and easy to read! I believe everyone should be complimenting themselves everyday. My favorite affirmation from your post is “I believe in the best of things.”, I translated it as being positive and only expecting the best things in life. What I do to boost my confidence is I challenge myself on things I may have my doubts about. Again, great post! Keep up the good work.


  4. Ruth says:

    I feel like you wrote this just for me! 😉 In all seriousness, I love this, and I definitely need to take this on board and put it into action. Will be making a note of these and using them to give myself a boost. Thank you!!


  5. Stacie says:

    This is wonderful! I always find myself complimenting others, people actually laugh at me about it because I can walk into a room and just walk round complimenting everyone but I just think it makes someones day so if you’re thinking it in your head then why not!
    I never find myself being self-complimentary though and this post is super inspiring. Feel like I should print it out and stick it to my mirror 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      O wow Stacie! Such a sweet compliment❤️💕❤️💕 I’m happy this post inspired you to compliment yourself as much as you compliment others. I was the same way, I like making people’s day, I just need to make sure I’m taking care of me too😁😊


  6. hanmorris97 says:

    I love this post so much and think it’s so important, that not only do we compliment others, but we compliment ourselves. Love that you listed some things out too, it’s definitely something I need to get better at xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


  7. thebrokenrobot says:

    Awesome post. Loved it.


  8. thebrokenrobot says:

    Great post.


  9. Oh my gosh I love this so, so much. I’m still trying to mend my relationship with myself but I find that when the morning started right, then the whole day seems a little brighter! I personally connected to ‘No rush to get things done, I’ll get to it when I get to it” because I am incredibly impatient and tend to make huge promises to myself to get lots of work down, and feel sad when I don’t accomplish everything.


    1. justnatonya says:

      I’m working on not making such large to-do lists for myself and then rush to get everything done. It’s nice to set goals but they need to be realistic and doable. I’m happy you enjoyed this post Lizzie ❤


  10. Lorna says:

    Really love this post idea, it’s so important to care for yourself and these affirmations are a great way to sort. I especially like the ones about the importance of smiling and that’s an easy way to have a much happier day! Thanks for sharing them xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      I’m so appreciative that you liked this post Lorna. I find smiling brightens a cloudy day, sounds cheesy but smiling is powerful and uplifting, so I try to find something amazing to smile about everyday 🙂


  11. Yeah, good points. I am totally guilty of not complimenting myself, but I am extremely good at critiquing myself …
    Thanks for the reminder to start complimenting myself instead! It will take some time, but even small steps in the right direction count, right? 🙂

    Karen | https://OurCarpeDiem.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      Absolutely Karen, the smallest steps make the biggest difference in how you feel 🙂


  12. Chanel Medford says:

    Positive affirmations is a must!!! Great way to start off 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      EXACTLY Chanel! Start 2019 in a new direction! Happy New Year to you ❤


  13. aisasami says:

    What a wonderful list! Compliments are hard to give to myself as I am pretty hard to myself. I beat myself a lot and I need to stop, I am trying to be more positive this year.


  14. mjaquette says:

    Omg girl I love this so much girl. Thank you so much for being so positive and a light. You’re amazing. We definitely have to be there for ourselves and our own cheerleaders. Those 31 compliments are so important. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      Thanks so much girl!! So happy you like the positive energy I was supplying on this one. I think it’s important we spread love others and even more important we send love to ourselves. When we’re nice to ourselves, it’s easier to be nice to others. Glad you stopped by!!!


  15. Heather says:

    I love these affirmations! 13 is something I’m really trying to believe and focus on.


  16. V T says:

    These are great self love messages!


  17. myttka says:

    Love the positivity of this! I could definitely use some of these compliments sometimes 😊


    1. justnatonya says:

      Glad you liked the post! Yes just give yourself compliments even a small one, it counts so much!


  18. Chloe Jane says:

    I love this post!!! ❤️ You’re so right with everything, we should start celebrating our successes no matter how small they are, we deserve to feel good and be proud of what we accomplish. I love those daily affirmations too, I like the one where you tell yourself today’s gonna be a good one, it really changes how you feel if you start of saying positive things about the day ahead!

    Chloe xx


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