40 Hometown Summer Activities


June comes around and you’re either lounging on the beaches of Australia, singing If I Can’t Have You to the top of your lungs at a Shawn Mendes concert or leaving the monorail in your Mickey Mouse ears to enter Magic Kingdom. Whether you’re on summer break from uni or a two-week leave from work, summer is the season of relaxation while…dare I say the cliche line…HAVING FUN IN THE SUN! 🙂

Are you scrolling through Instagram witnessing box braids, sun-kissed bums, floral print playsuits and basically everyone living out their summer vacay right in front of you? Maybe you’re not able to make it to Bali, Dallas, Paris, Miami or Glasgow this year? Money’s tight but that’s ok! You don’t need to travel to a popular destination or stay in the most instagrammable hotel to have the best summer. Sometimes the best activities are right in your backyard.

You don’t need to spend much money to have a good time, just the joy to explore your city with your bestie or as a brave solo. Bring out your fringe tops and shorts, lick the ice cream from your waffle cone and turn that ponytail into two space buns because it’s time to start your summer adventures. I’m sharing 40 summer hometown activities to check off your list!

40 Hometown Things to do in the Summer- JustNatonya
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40 Local Summer Activity Ideas

Here’s the best part, you don’t need to fly outside your country or necessarily drive one town over to participate. Research your cities’ website for free local family-friendly activities or create your own! Check out my list of ideas:

  1. Outdoor Photography
  2. Hike
  3. Aquarium
  4. Nature Center
  5. Read a New Book Outside
  6. Volunteer at a Nonprofit/Shelter/Nursery Home
  7. Make a New Dinner Recipe Every Night
  8. Provide Free Swimming Lessons to Family/Friends
  9. Neighborhood Block Party
  10. Host Brunch Every Sunday
  11. Board Game Parties
  12. BBQ/Cookout
  13. Pool Parties
  14. DIY Ice Cream
  15. Go to the Movies Every Friday Night
  16. Petting Farm
  17. Zoo
  18. Carnivals or Fair
  19. Lake
  20. Fly a Kite
  21. Picnic at the Park
  22. Farmer’s Market
  23. Local Music Festivals/Concerts
  24. Art or Dinosaur Museum
  25. Host a Smoothie Party
  26. MLB Games
  27. Amusement Parks
  28. Water Balloon Fight
  29. Host Church Potluck & Bakery
  30. Spa Day with Beach theme Body Lotion/Wash/Sprays/Bombs etc.
  31. Fruit Picking
  32. Botanical Gardens
  33. Host a Netflix theme Party for New Releases
  34. Drastic Hairstyle Change
  35. Sidewalk Eating at New Restaurant
  36. Karaoke Nights
  37. Bonfire Parties
  38. Drive-In Movie Theater
  39. Trader’s Village
  40. Group Bike Rides

You don’t have to spend too much money or travel to an exotic location for a good time, just gather some of your best friends and live out the season together. Make sure you make the most of your summer by embracing the unknown and having an open mind to trying new things. Break ordinary habits, make new friendships and step outside your comfort bubble.

Which activity do you want to try from the list? What are your summer plans?

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