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When I think of the warmer months, only one thing comes to mind…the beach. Summers for me consists of frolicking on the shoreline while trying to keep the curls off my face and my toes deep in the sand. It’s pretty evident the quarantine lifestyle has placed limitations on traveling and typical public outings. It may be a while before I head back to the beach but that’s not going to ruin my summer vibes.

One ultimate way to enjoy those classic summer feels is through swimwear. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the point of wearing a swimsuit if we’re practically limited to the house? Guess what?! You don’t need the beach, Jacuzzi or a pool to wear your favorite bikini or one-piece. Wear your swimsuit around the house, in the backyard or even as an outfit for quick errand running. Swimwear as an outfit is strategic off-duty styling, kinda like celebrities wearing pajamas in public.

In fact, some swimsuits double down as a really cute bodysuit, which could easily be pulled off by wearing a floral print kimono or long chiffon cardigan with ripped denim shorts. Or ditch the knotted cropped t-shirts and use your bathing suit top to pair with your high-split maxi skirts. The outfit options with swimwear are endless. Curious to know the latest swimsuit styles, keep reading.

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Style Guide: Sexy Cut Swimsuit Styles for Summer

Black Owned Swimwear

Graduating from the t-shirt cover-ups to the classic high-waist Baywatch one-piece and string bikinis, swimsuit styles have come a long way. Today women are not just wearing thongs for boldness, swimsuits are structured in couture ways to show off a fashionable realm between runway and beach attire. Whether minimal or boldly patterned, companies are taking the concept of functionality to the next level of conveniently chic. I made a list of what I believe are the must-have swimwear trends to wear for summer 2020.

Did I mentioned the brands featured in this post are ALL BLACK OWNED?👌🏾

Stringy Bright Yellow

Nothing fills in the summer aesthetic better than the color yellow. Deemed as the color of happiness, optimism and positive energy, these yellow swimsuits will have you feeling extra vibrant even around the house.

Chocolate Brown

Skip the typical yet forgiving shade of black and try something different. Brown is one of those neutral tones that look flattering on everyone’s skin and pair well with most patterns.

Structural White

Minimalism will never go out of style. Sometimes it’s nice to skip the frills like loud hues or distracting prints and opt for something plain. Plain still makes a fashion statement and it’s edgy too.


As an upgrade from halter and off-the-shoulder tops, the one-shoulder style lends a runway feel by creating dimension and minimal structure to take a boring look to high-fashion.

Flirty Ruffles

Are you the girl who they call extra? Nothing wrong with adding a little oomph to your style. Fashion is all about exploring outside your comfort zone and trying things others wouldn’t dare. Ruffles expose a playful side to any personality.

Bold Prints and Patterns

For those who rebel in animal print on the regular or pair polka dot with stripes as work attire, the same goes on the beach or even in your backyard. Striking prints are a conversation starter and make you stand out from the crowd.

Cropped Tankini

Not big on showing too much cleavage or feel like string bikini tops don’t offer enough support? Tankinis or tank top bikinis is an excellent alternative for covering up a bit without feeling like you’re wearing a regular t-shirt.

How about these styles for bringing the beach into your wardrobe?! I hope my handpicked items from this post provide you with countless options of swimsuit styles and BLACK OWNED SWIMWEAR to shop. No matter how you like to achieve and complete your summer aesthetic be sure shop black owned businesses to continuously help support the Black Lives Matter movement and get these companies in the forefront of fashion.

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Which do you prefer, bikinis or one-piece swimsuits? Have you heard of these brands before? Which swimsuit style caught your eye from my post?

*Featured Image: Unsplash

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