The Online Organic Conditioner that Made My Type 4 Hair More Manageable


Staying at home is the perfect time to endeavor in pampering self-care activities such as binge-watching online TV series, cooking new recipes, virtual painting classes, outdoor yoga routines or even finding endless ways to turn your shower into a spa. Lockdown has encouraged me to try new methods of growing out my natural hair. So far, I’ve discovered different hair cocktails for getting the best wash ‘n go styles on my high porosity curls along with super nourishing products to revive and define my type 4 natural hair. The key to enhancing curl definition starts with maximizing your shampoo and conditioning routine.

Lexi Noel Beauty Hydrating Conditioner Defines and Softens High Porosity Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, then you know an efficient wash day is crucial for obtaining your best hair day. As someone with high porosity hair, which is also known as super dry strands, conditioners are the top members of my hair gang. My thirsty tresses crave moisturizing conditioners that not only define but strengthen and close my hair cuticle so my are relieved from dryness and frizz. Not too long ago, Dalene Ekirapa from Dal Meets Glam gifted me the Lexi Noel Beauty Hydrating Conditioner from madeFORme to test on my type 4 curls. Previously, Dalene and I collaborated on a post about madeFORme’s organic bamboo bar soap for acne. I was pleased with the acne soap on my skin, so I was extra excited to see how my hair would respond to this organic conditioner.

Lexi Noel Beauty Hydrating Conditioner Review

When using a rinse-out conditioner for dry type 4 natural hair, I look for a product that easily helps me glide through tangles and leaves my curls soft. Soft hair means moisturized hair. If a conditioner doesn’t leave your hair soft, you can bet your curls will be dry the next day after washing. Always look for products that contain a combination of certain ingredients to combat dryness such as Aloe Vera, coconut, glycerin, agave nectar, almond oil, honey, jojoba oil, Shea butter, avocado oil, mango butter or olive oil. Each of those ingredients will help your hair obtain more moisture than water to combat frizz.

Organic Conditioner for Type 4 High Porosity Natural Hair

The Lexi Noel Beauty Hydrating Conditioner is filled with Aloe Vera juice, olive oil, raw mango butter, coconut oil and silk proteins. Those ingredients make this rinse-out conditioner an excellent staple for repairing dry damaged hair and add extra moisture and strength to high porosity strands. To top it off, this hydrating conditioner contains tea tree oil and peppermint oil that invigorates the scalp to help stimulate blood flow, which encourages hair growth. Talk about a win-win situation right?

So how does this conditioner play out on natural hair?

After shampooing my hair, I applied the creamy conditioner to my curls and left it on for 10-12 minutes to add extra moisture versus the bottle’s instructions to leave in hair for 2-4 minutes. My high porosity hair strands need all the extra moisture it can get to help hydrate my dry curls. The Lexi Noel Beauty Conditioner easily detangled my hair. The smoothing conditioner slid right through my single strand knots and gave my hair the drink it thirsted for on wash day. The smell was quite invigorating, very fresh and bright!

Conditioner that Defined & Detangled My High Porosity Natural HairThis Organic Online Conditioner Made My Hair So Manageable

My scalp felt a cool tingling sensation from the peppermint and tea tree oils. I always get excited when my scalp feels a burst of tingling from essential oils because it means my hair follicles are stimulated which is producing room for hair growth. After rinsing out the conditioner, my hair was super soft and the curls were light defined, leaving me with the perfect base to set and style my hair for a good wash ‘n go.

Benefits: Lexi Noel Beauty Hydrating Conditioner Review

  • Defined curls
  • Nice slip
  • Soft curls
  • Shiny hair
  • Fresh scent
  • Cooling sensation on scalp, helping to promote hair growth
  • Instantly glided through tangles
  • Very creamy
  • Little goes a long way
  • Suitable for ALL HAIR TYPES

Overall, the Lexi Noel Hydrating Conditioner is definitely something I would use again because it left my curls moisturized, soft and defined. The addition of peppermint and tea tree oil was a lovely surprise because the conditioner not only became something to hydrate my natural hair but it promotes hair growth, which is adding a great stepping stone to my hair growth journey!

Have you heard of the Lexi Noel Hydrating Conditioner? What’s a new conditioner you’ve tried on your hair lately?

*Items gifted in this post but opinions are all my own.

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