Versed ‘Photos, Please’ Mask Leaves My Skin Camera Ready


One of my favorite things about the warmer months is spending time outside and enjoying the weather. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your afro sing in the wind and do cartwheels in your backyard. I really like how the warmer temperatures make me feel inside and out. Not only do I feel spiritually refreshed but my body feels more energetic.

Spring and summer are the seasons where your skin shines the brightest. Not only are you strategically showing skin for date nights or wearing your favorite white dress outfit to the beach but your face is soaking in the sun rays as well. If you’re open to skipping liquid foundation and wearing your best skin instead, check out this face mask that claims to brighten and tighten your skin in all the right places for that flawless look you definitely want to capture on Instagram. 

A Brightening Mask Safe for Sensitive Skin

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VERSED Photos, Please Brightening Tightening Mask

I get it, summer is not necessarily the ideal time to wear makeup  especially if you live in humid environments.  However, not feeling fully comfortable showing pimples and acne scars makes you resort back to your favorite foundation or the never-disappointing e.l.f. Camo Cream right? Well, sometimes it’s nice to let your skin breathe but if you don’t feel comfortable showing off your bare face, what do you do? Versed Photos, Please Face Mask is designed for ALL SKIN TYPES and made to boost your complexion for a heathy glow. So if your skin is feeling dull or lackluster, this mask should do the trick!

Key Ingredients:
  • Turmeric filled with antioxidants to reduce inflammation, helps to brighten and even out skin
  • Red Kaolin Clay used to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin
  • Witch Hazel helps to tighten pores and smooth skin

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I’m pretty much loyal to VERSED Skincare because their stuff never disappoints my face. I’ve never suffered irritation or a severe breakout from their ingredients. Every component in their products are cruelty-free, vegan, natural and organic. They avoid all the stuff that causes acne flare-ups or anything that’ll harm your skin in the long-run. As someone with a delicate face, their collections are an easy go-to because the company uses gentle yet effective skin formulas. 

How Does it Work on Sensitive Skin?

When I first used the Versed Photos Please Face Mask, I didn’t see a huge difference. However, I didn’t use it consistently so I decided to try it again. After a few weekly applications and I do mean a few, the mask worked really nice. My skin felt smoother and it looked brighter. I can tell my pores were tighter because my skin didn’t look bumpy or lumpy.

  • Does it fade acne scars?
    • I didn’t notice if the mask faded any scars in particular, however, my overall appearance was lighter and made me look more awake.
  • How often did you use it?
    • Because I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin, I used this face mask 1-2/wk to avoid unnecessary irritation.
  • How do you use it?
    • Versed recommends  to apply an even layer to clean/dry skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cool water. They even suggest applying a generous amount for maximum benefits. 
    • On days where I didn’t sweat in my face, I skip cleansing and just apply the mask. Since the photos please face masks contains kaolin clay, I treat it like a deep cleanser. I have sensitive skin and sometimes washing before applying a mask is counterproductive, so it’s smarter I skip the step to avoid over-washing.
      • I apply a thin even layer of the face mask and leave it on my skin for about 10 minutes, rinse with cool water, pat dry with a clean towel and apply a moisturizer. 

The mask comes in a cute squeezable pouch to avoid excessive use of product. It’s a light pink tint and easily spreads across the skin. It rinses off very easily and doesn’t stain white face wash cloths. Pretty much, every product I try by Versed goes onto my face effortlessly and it’s not a struggle to obtain results, especially if with my sensitive combination skin that’s also acne-prone. Check out other Versed Skincare face masks you must try!

My final thoughts for the photos please face mask is that it’s great for brightening and tightening sensitive skin. After using the mask, your face doesn’t feel tight or dry. In fact, my face felt the opposite: smooth and soft. I say if you’re looking for a glow up this spring and summer, invest in this mask. It’s truly affordable and effective! Just remember consistency is key if you want to see prominent results. 

Does the Versed Photos Please Mask Work on Sensitive Skin?
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Have you used the Versed Photos Please Mask? What’s your go-to skincare mask for brightening your complexion and embracing that warm summer weather?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. 7ckm says:

    Nice article! I usually do like to wear makeup in the summer, but I do like to go makeup free when I am at home or running quick errands. I will have to give this a try, I tried their products once, but I stopped using them. Your review was lovely and had alot of great results, I’m open to trying them again!


  2. Joy says:

    Wonderful review, I really want to try products from the brand in general, their brightening serum is on my list but this mask seems wonderful and exactly up my alley!! I hope you’re having a good week 😊🤍✨


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