The Black Rice Water Deep Conditioner that Strengthened My Hair After One Wash


Is your  hair weak, dull and limp? Struggling to define your curl pattern? Are your coils not as springy and your hair feels mushy? If you answered yes to any of the questions, chances are you may need a protein treatment or a deep conditioner with protein to help restore your tresses. But finding the right product isn’t always the easiest or most affordable journey to renewing hair strands. However, I believe in order to see a huge difference it’s best to invest in quality products and sometimes that means digging deeper into your wallet.

How I Easily Manage My Type 4 High Porosity Natural Hair

Second Big Chop!

May 2021, I decided to big chop 7 inches of my hair. It may not sound like much to some but for me this was a huge change. While I may prefer my curls longer, cutting my hair was very important. Sometimes you need to let the hair go if you want to see it grow. So, I cut my natural coils because I needed a reset.

Sometimes you need to lose some, to gain more.

I’m on a journey to growing out my curls and the necessary haircut has made the BIGGEST difference in the appearance and condition of my high porosity natural hair.  My type 4 coily curls look better, my hair feels fuller and the products work more efficiently into my strands. Why? Because I chopped off the “hard-to-save” damaged parts.

With a fresh start, I feel I have a stronger base to kicking off my healthy hair growth regimen. A couple key components to growing stronger longer hair is to focus on scalp health and invest in deep conditioning treatments. Today, I’m going to discuss one of my new favorite deep conditioners that has transformed for my type 4 natural hair within one wash!

A New Black-Owned Hair Care Line!

One of the first youtubers I followed during the early stages of my natural hair journey was Maryam Hampton. I watched Maryam tailor her haircare routine by whipping up her own products and taking her curls from short shoulder to a healthy tailbone length! She isn’t stingy with the secret ingredients for her nourished strands, she shares tons of tips for free on her YouTube channel.

Everything from an effective way in using heat to black rice water for hair growth, Maryam wants her followers to win in their haircare journey. In fact, she’s taken each experience and lessons learned to create her own haircare line, Maryam Hampton Hair Care!

MH Hair Growth Black Rice Deep Conditioner Review

The company focuses on incorporating natural potent ingredients to encourage not only healthier strands but longer hair. Featured are unique hair products to help stimulate growth such as the Chebe Hair Growth Butter, 100% Amla Powder, Extreme Growth Cleansing Treatment and the famous product that kicked off her business, The Maryam Hampton Hair Growth Oil. You can even schedule personalized video chats for a hair growth consultation. 

MHHairGrowth Black Rice Water Deep Conditioner

One popular trend among the haircare enthusiasts is the use of rice water for hair growth. The fermented water may smell funky but this milky consistency is known to deliver immediate results. You’ll find tons of these testimonial stories on YouTube. Being on a hair growth journey, I decided to put my curl to the test and purchase the Maryam Hampton Black Rice Water Conditioner.

This pot of goodness is filled with luscious natural ingredients that not only stimulate hair growth but combat dryness. In this deep conditioner, you’ll find a beautiful crafted blend of fermented black rice water infused with hair growth stimulants of hibiscus, horsetail extract, neem oil, amla, rosemary, stinging nettle, sage, bhringraj and a few essentials to wake up your hair strands.


How Did My High Porosity Curls Respond?

If you have high porosity curls, your hair craves protein. Protein treatments are essential in strengthening the hair strands, closing the gap and laying the cuticle flat. In conjunction to balancing protein treatments with hydrating deep conditioners, the hair will retain better moisture levels. I find that my high porosity curls need protein treatments every 2-3 weeks. Whereas someone who doesn’t require as much protein like low porosity hair will need a protein treatment every 4-6 weeks or so. 


One of my favorite aspects about this product is how you see results after one use. When I applied the mixture to my strands, my curls immediately felt nourished. It’s like my hair was finally receiving the treatment it deserved.

The black rice deep conditioner melted into my natural hair and easily loosened the tangles. The definition of my curls came back and the fizziness was reduced. My curls were so healthy that it held definition days later. So if you’re into wearing wash and gos, braidouts or twistouts and you have type 4 coils, the MH Hair Growth Black Rice Deep Conditioner is great for prepping your curls for definition hairstyles. 


How to Use:

After shampooing, section hair and apply a moderate amount to each section depending on thickness. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse. Continue steps for styling hair. Don’t use more than 3 times per month, protein overload can cause breakage.

  • Consistency is kind of watery, I recommend adding to a bottle so you have more control in distribution
  • Instructions mention to not use no more than 3 times per month
Benefits I Noticed:
  • stronger & fuller hair
  • more defined curls
  • less frizz
  • nice slip to glide through knots and tangles
  • little goes a long way

Even after using this product one time, I saw immediate results. My curls were stronger and maintained long-lasting curl definition. Of course keeping a consistent routine only magnified my results. I now feel comfortable wearing my hair in a bold afro again. No more see-through strands. I already have fine hair and it’s nice to finally find a product that makes it look fuller! I’m definitely keeping this black rice water deep conditioner in rotation. 

What are your tips for stimulating hair growth? Have your tried MHHairGrowth products?

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*This post is NOT SPONSORED. ALL opinions are mine and I purchased the product with my own money. However, my post contains affiliate links but cost you nothing extra.

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  1. 7ckm says:

    Hey Tonya! This post is very informative! I’ve been on a journey to grow my natural hair and sometimes I find it difficult. I like the black rice deep conditioner. I feel like it works and I like that I don’t have to leave it in my hair all day. Because it worked well on my hair, I’m interested in trying other products by this brand. I want my hair to grow super long! I can’t wait to try some of these products.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      I agree Chanel, this deep conditioner is time convenient yet super efficient! I’m curious about the moisturizer. Thanks for commenting!!


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