How Do You Diffuse High Porosity Type 4 Natural Hair?


When I first went natural, my only idea of curly hair came from women like Annalynne McCord, Keri Russell, Jordin Sparks and 2007 Taylor Swift. Now that I’m celebrating my natural texture, I understand the diversity of curls, especially in the natural hair community. Curly hair is not just the Sarah Jessica Parker spirals we see favored on women in magazines and commercials. More black women like Yara Shahidi, Viola Davis, Uzo Aduba, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lupita Nyong’o, Zazie Beetz, Issa Rae and Thandie Newton are pushing past the boundaries of hidden hairstyles and now flaunt their diverse untamed curls.

Either loose, wavy, spiral, coily or Afro textured, natural hair is curly hair…it just takes special techniques and the correct products to define the curls.

As I’m learning more about my natural hair, I know that hydration is key to defining my type 4 curls. One way I’m training my hair to consistently show my curl pattern is through wash and go’s. Not only are wash and go’s a quick styling method but it’s an easy way to develop a routine in keeping dry curls moisturized. Earlier in the summer I started trying various techniques to master my wash and go hairstyle without heat. Now I’m ready to master the diffusing method for bigger and lasting results.

How I Use a Diffuser on My High Porosity Natural Hair
How I diffused my type 4 high porosity curls?

How I Diffuse My Type 4 High Porosity Natural Hair?

I always thought that high porosity hair should avoid heat completely but after understanding how a diffuser works, that’s just not the case. High porosity natural hair is not banned from heat, it just needs a lower source. You can use heat just not too much. Since the hair cuticle is already raised, you want to you a gentle amount to not raise it more, which will make it more frizzy. Never use the styling tools on the highest setting and always start with intensely moisturized hair. Even with hydrated hair, using the best tools makes a huge difference.

Not too long ago, CiC Beauty sent me their 3-in-1 diffuser package and serum to test on my natural hair. Talk about perfecting timing since summer was the beginning of my hair growth journey through wash and go’s. I accepted the offer because their diffuser came with 3 attachments I never seen before that’s designed to make the wash day faster and convenient with more defined curls.

*This post is sponsored by CiC Beauty and the items are gifted.

CiC Beauty Diffuser Review

3-In-1 Universal Diffuser Collection With adpt™ Complex Serum

CiC Beauty wanted to take away the tired feeling a curly beauty gets from holding their dryer and diffuser attachment. How many of you feel like your arm is ready to fall off after holding a diffuser and dryer in an awkward position? Crafted with a large base to hold longer hair, the diffusing bowl contains two sponges for you to add drops of the complex serum to help enhance your curly hairstyle. Along with the diffusing bowl, 3 face attachments are catered to detail your wash ‘n go routine for even better results.
How to Diffuse High Porosity Natural Hair?
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Face Attachments:
  • The Catcher– made to help coil hair more and lock in moisture
  • The Lifter– designed to lift roots for more volume
  • The Air Dryer– similar effect of a hooded dryer
    • great for even air distribution of drying straight hair, rod sets, twist/braidouts

CiC Beauty Serum for Wash and Go's- Does it work on natural hair?


  • Diffuser easily fits on dryer
  • Gently diffuses my hair
  • Even air distribution
  • Dries fairly quick
  • Felt confident putting diffuser close to my scalp, no burning or disturbance to curls
  • Points on the catcher had openings for air to circulate through which dried the roots faster
  • Defined curls
  • More volume for day 1 hair

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My Steps to Diffusing with the CiC Beauty Diffuser:

  1. First, I shampoo/condition or co-wash my natural hair.
  2. Apply a light amount of gel, I like to use the UFD Curl Stimulator.
  3. Air dry 1½hr.
  4. Spritz hair with a heat protectant.
  5. Attach diffuser bowl to hair dryer and add 5-10 drops of the serum to the sponges.
  6. Start with the catcher and dry roots on low speed cool air.
  7. Once hair is 80% dry, use your regular blow dryer nozzle on low/medium speed but warm air to stretch hair shaft.
  8. Once stretched, use the lifter on high speed warm air to lift roots for volume.
  9. Switch back to nozzle and use high speed and cool shot to set curls
  10. Shake and go!
I Used a Diffuser on My High Porosity Wash 'N Go Natural Hair
While my hair is a tad frizzy using the CiC Beauty Diffuser, which is expected with high porosity curls, my hair is still defined.

This was my first time actually diffusing my natural hair and I must say this diffuser is worth the money. While my hair is not super long yet, the CiC Beauty diffuser works well on ALL lengths of hair, including short. I was just amazed by the gentle flow of air, I felt very safe using the diffuser with my dryer because it panned out the air evenly. Definitely adding this to my routine and will work on making my diffusing method better for my high porosity curls.

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Do you diffuse your curly hair? What are your special tips? What do you think about the CiC Beauty Diffuser?

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  1. Weird Louise says:

    I used to have a diffuser, but I never used it. But it would come in handy in the winter. I don’t like to leave my house with wet hair, and my current hair dryer flattens my hair. So diffusing my hair would be a way to dry it without losing any volume. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justnatonya says:

      Yes, a diffuser would be an excellent tool to winter routines Angela! Let me know if you need any tips ❤️👏🏾


  2. 7ckm says:

    hey Tonya! Great review! I never diffuse my hair, but I am starting to take better care of my hair, so this is something I am interested in. The CiC Beauty Diffuser looks legit! I am really impressed with the lifter attachment! I never seen that before. I like that it gives your hair volume. I’m also impressed that they have an air dryer attachment that has similar effects of a hooded dryer. I don’t own one, so this diffuser has a little bit of everything you need for your hair. I’m very interested! Thank you for the great review!


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