Curvy Girls, The Struggle for the Perfect Pair of Jeans Ends Here!


As a curvy woman, finding the perfect style of jeans is almost a second job. So many factors go into purchasing a pair of denim that you won’t return two days later. When you’re curvy, you not only consider if  jeans will go past your hips but you think about whether or not it’ll fit along the waistline, how much the inseam will pull at the thighs and the actual weight of denim.

Let’s not forget those ladies of a petite frame. I’m curvy petite and the length of jeans matter too!  I know, we consider several elements before swiping the credit card on jeans. However, it feels like 20 bricks off the shoulders when you find women who share their favorite denim brands. Seriously, where do you shop when it comes to finding the best jeans for curvy body types?

Guess What?! These Jeans Eliminate the Waist Gap for Curvy Girls!

Discovering the Best Jeans for Curvy Thighs

After years and I do mean years of wearing jeans that quickly bagged out in the crotch area, lost stretch and made my muffin top more bulkier than ever, it was time to find a better brand. One day I was flipping through InStyle Magazine and saw an advertisement of a curvy woman wearing American Eagle jeans.


Now it’s not the first time I seen the ad but at that moment it became imbedded in my brain. The demanding question was more prominent, should I buy a pair of American Eagle denim jeans? I read reviews and online magazine articles about American Eagle’s curvy line but I wasn’t fully convinced until I saw one my favorite curvy content creators rocking a pair.

Kristal Heredia is a Latina digital entrepreneur who promotes self-love and body positivity through fashion. She also runs a digital agency called Mujeres Social where her and the team share tips and classes for those looking to level up their online platform. 

The jeans shaped Kristal so nice and easily highlighted her figure. Not to mention the American Eagle jean styles are actually fashionable for plus size and curvy women. Sometimes plus size clothing designs feel like an afterthought, as if designers made something just to cover themselves in saying, “they have products for everyone”.  Not at American Eagle, the jeans Kristal wore in her Instagram photos are trendy and fashionable! So I was convinced a bit more to try them. I mean hey, if they didn’t fit right, I can take them back right?

I Found the Perfect Brand of Jeans for Curvy Women
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Why Curvy Women Shouldn’t Sleep on American Eagle Curvy Jeans?

Buying American Eagle’s curvy jeans was one of the best wardrobe investments I’ve ever made. Most jeans from the curve line average about $59.95 with the highest priced at $79.95 and sometimes on sale for $39.95 but let me tell you, it’s worth every nickel and dime! Check out my reasons why curvy and plus-size women must shop American Eagle Curvy Jeans.

NO GAP in the BACK!

Wave goodbye to the “annoying gap-in-the-back” and say, “HELLO!” to the nice fit around the waist! The jeans are made to fit comfortably around the hips but snug in the waist, which is a plus for those with larger hips and booty but a smaller waistline!

SUPER High-Waist 

If you ever wonder if squatting in denim was possible, these jeans get the job done. No more sitting down and flashing your butt crack. AE super high waist jeans go all the up past the belly button!

Trendy Styles

AE didn’t skip in the style department for curvy and plus size women. The curvy jeans not only fit comfortably but are actually cute! Sometimes companies give us clothes that feel old fashion or thrown together. American Eagle’s curve line has various ripped styles, mom jeans, shorts and even cropped jeggings that showoff the figure in a flattering way and not hide the silhouette. 

Length Variation

Raise your hand if you’re short and tired of buying jeans that are super baggy around the ankle!🙋🏾‍♀️ Sis, I’m raising my hand too! AE jeans not only come in sizes 000-24 but they’re in sizes x-short to long. Yes, they carry jeans that actually stop at the ankle for petite women. 

Very Stretchy

These jeans are so stretchy, you actually need to go down 1-2 sizes from what you normally wear. For example, if you wear a size 12 in other brands, then you’ll fit well in a size 10 or 8 from American Eagle. 

Lightweight Material

Every pair of AE jeans I own are all lightweight material! As a curvy petite woman, I can’t stand heavy jeans because they make me feel bigger and bulkier. American Eagle’s curvy jeans have a soft buttery material that makes it easier to pull the jeans past your thighs and hips.


The company has tons of jean styles to shop. Whether you’re into boyfriend, 90’s baggy trend, mom jeans, boot cut or ripped, AE has a style for everyone. Curvy women, I recommend you shop just the CURVY LINE because the jeans are tailored specifically for our body frames.

I'm Curvy Petite and This Brand of Jeans Fit My Body PerfectSHOP THE LOOK: Jeans | Top | Sneakers | Bag

Yes, you could shop outside of the curvy line but pay attention to the description. The regular jeans are not tailored for curvy frames. They don’t have much stretch, not very high-waisted and you may need to size up twice. Personally, I find that the fit isn’t as comfortable as the curvy line.

If you need a jumpstart on which jeans to buy from American Eagle’s curvy line, I listed five below that are a guaranteed fit!

Cute Styles from the American Eagle Curvy Line
Curated & Picked By @justnatonya |

So I feel like I’m winning with American Eagle’s curvy jeans. Not only do the jeans easily glide past my thighs with a buttery material but they actually go high enough to cover my muffin top. I don’t have to worry about the gap-in-the back because the curvy jeans fit snug around the waist without cutting circulation off my hips. Plus, all American Eagle jeans come various lengths/sizes, something for the tall and petite. Did I mention that the jeans are cute and modern? Finally, something made for my curvy petite body type without sacrificing style over comfort!

What’s your favorite brand of jeans? Have you worn American Eagle jeans? Do you shop the curve line? Which style of jeans do you recommend trying?

*This post is NOT SPONSORED but contains affiliate links but cost you nothing extra.😄

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